Asset Progression

by Albert

2 Essential Anchors for Asset Progression

Have You Reviewed your Asset Progression Plans?

Is This You? Never heard about Asset Progression?

Are you considering your first Property Purchase or Investment But Not Sure How to Proceed?

It is always challenging to take the First Step. Fret Not. Let us guide you through the Asset Progression & Risk Management assessment process.

Get to know the different options even before putting in your first dollar. How does this sound?

What are the 2 Essential Anchors You Must Know?

For the first Essential Anchor, we will do detailed financial calculations to determine your financial health. You will get to know :

  1. Your Risk Level
  2. The Possible ways to own the next property
  3. The number of properties that you can afford to own
  4. Determine your safety net or savings to be set aside
  5. In some cases, we will review how you may increase the loan quantum which will in turn allow you to buy at a higher purchase price.
  6. In some cases, we will review how you may reduce your monthly installments.

For the second Essential Anchor, we will identify suitable purchase targets that meet your needs as well as not to overstretch your finances. With the market analysis backed by ERA Research and the Data powered by iERA and ERApro tech tools, you can be rest assured we can sieved out matching properties that meet your criteria.

I Want To Know More. What’s The Next Step?

Call Albert 96742180 for a short chat or submit your contact details via our CONTACT US page.

We will need your basic financial details to input into our system to perform the detailed financial calculations and thereafter, churn the various possible scenarios for your review.  The checklist is as shown in the Table appended below. 

Asset Progression Checklist
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