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Last Updated: 7-December-2021

7-December-2021: Browse in 2 ModesNew Launch Condo (Pictorial) or New Launch Condo (Text)
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3-December-2021: Drop by the Recent or Upcoming New Launches to check What’s New.
2-December-2021: Only Keen in Freehold Developments? Check Out our Freehold Condo 
1-December-2021: Want More Info? Get Key Project Info at your fingertips with our Interactive Project e-Book.
30-November-2021: Not Sure Your Affordability for your next Property Purchase? Get To Know What Are The 2 Essential Anchors 
29-November-2021: Get Connected with us. Let us Know How we can Assist You. Tell Your Story with Author/Founder Albert Tan.

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